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Our Advantage

American Packaging & Plant Equipment LLC brings a Great Value to the Packaging Industry with Low Prices and High Quality. Three common attributes you will find in equipment Line up;

  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy to Maintain

Below you will find some key Competitive Advantage in APPE's equipment line up

Stainless Steel Construction

Low Cost

High Quality at Incredibly Low Prices. Fully Automatic High speed machines never before any company has been able to offer.

Touch Screen


Dedicated support and techincal staff is ready to service and install your equipment at the first call. We take pride in helping our customer when they need us the most

Heavy Duty Construction
Solid Heavy duty construction for Rugged Round the clock Performance 

Touch Screen

Stainless Steel Construction

All product contact parts made of food grade SS#304 for sanitation and cleanliness

Stainless Steel Construction

Colored Touch screen

All Vertical form , fill & Seal machines and peripherals are equipped with Color Touch Screens for easy and smooth Human Machine Interaction

Allen Bradley Controls

Servo Driven Pulling Belts

All Vertical Form, Fill & Seal machines are equipped with Servo driven pulling belts for continuous , fast and accurate pulling of packaging material.

Non-Proprietory Components

Non-Proprietary Components

We use Very high quality electrical and pneumatic parts which are easily available nationally at major industrial retailers. You never have to pay unreasonable prices for parts.

Stainless Steel Construction
Siemens/ Omron Controls

All our machines are equipped with either Omron or Siemens Programmable Logic Controllers which enables them to run continuously without any down time. And easy to maintain.



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